JHSS UAV English Română

Volumul 10, Nr. 1 (19) 2019

Research Articles


Challenging the Colonial Stereotypes or Conforming to Them: Investigating Achebe’s Intent in Things Fall Apart

A. B. M. Shafiqul Islam; Israt Jahan Shuchi9

Ulysses as Modern Prototype of Homo Viator

Haneş Ioana-Gianina27

Crimes Against Nature: Ecocritical Analysis of Ojaide’s The Activist and Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born

Alpaslan Toker; Safiya Jega37

G. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four beyond Dystopia

Toma Sava53


For a History of the Romanian PEN Club

Dan Horaţiu Popescu63

The Multimodal Text in the New Curricula of Romanian Language and Literature (for Primary and Secondary School). Applications

Eva Monica Szekely75

Arad and the 5 Stars Cities

Marian Gheorghe99

Using Interactive Platforms when Teaching FSP. The Case of Edmodo and its Interactive Possibilities for (Self)evaluation

Adina-Irina Forna107

Comparative Insight on the Matrimonial Regimes, in the Romanian Contempoary Law System

Miron Gavril Popescu119

The Apostleship of Laymen, a Current Missionary Challenge

Sorin Patcas135

Review Articles

About Moral and Aesthetics in Literature: Ana Selejan, High Literature, Low Literature. Literary Articles and Studies

Florica Bodiştean149